Code of Ethics: Administrator

List of Ethics Code for Sakurasou Wikia Administrator:

  1. Adminsitrator can ban user, but must state a legitimate and proofable reasoning upon banning someone.
  2. While administering a page/feature/template/forum and other related stuffs, please consult with the higher-ranked Administrator, especially when you don't have any solid ideas about how things work. Also, please leave proper reasoning/summary upon each editting
  3. While responding a vandal report (changing the report status), please leave your signature using three tildes beside the report status, inside a bracket.
  4. Administrator must respond to every request/question/suggestion/critics/submission and other related things that submitted within 3 work-days (Monday - Friday).
  5. Feel free to use your admin power on each corner of this wikia, but keep in mind that we have this ethics code and common rules. An administrator can be revoked from his rights and even banned with community request.

Procedure to request administrator rights revoked for an admin:

  1. An active editor must submit request to User:Ethrundr, as current Head Bureaucrat of this wikia, explaining why the adminship right of the reported user must be revoked.
  2. The forum about this issue then will be hosted for a week and majority vote is required in order to fulfill the request.
    At least one of the Administrator and Bureaucrats must also agreed with the majority vote to make it valid.
  3. After the vote is decided, the reported admin will have 2 (two) days to submit his "defense" in the forum page. Then, the Bureaucrats will look for it after 2 days, and decide the action.
  4. In case of the reported admin also hold Bureaucrats right, the issue then will be forwarded to the Wikia Staff for further assitance.