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• 3/27/2013

Improvements on Several Areas

May I suggest the inclusion of these parts in the articles? I based their veracity from what I see in other anime wikis, and also the necessity of each.

Character Articles:

1. Relationship subtopic wherein the character's relationship with other characters is expounded.

2. History subtopic wherein their advancement in the novel/manga is discussed

Literary Articles:

1. Summary of what happens in the volume/chapter.

I'm still exploring the wiki to see other areas for improvement. May future editors see this thread and decide to adopt my proposals. I'll do what I can, but it will take some time. Thanks. :)

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• 3/28/2013

Sure, you can do that. I will help you with it once the Love Live! series ends by the end of this month. There still lot of things I need to maintain overthere, so I can't come here often.

I might open a new adminship election if our community here grows and stay alive.

• 3/29/2013

I'll start improvement works when I finish editing the episodes. :) It may start next week, if I'm lucky. xD

EDIT: Should I post guidelines on how to do the sections?

Also, I remembered a section that is required for ALL pages: References. I believe we need to add them for the sake of credibility.

• 3/29/2013

Sure, if you have time, please do so. I'll try to help when I have time.

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