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• 3/30/2013

Second Administrator Recruitment

It seems that our community has started to grow bit by bit. Unfortunately, I, who currently being the only active admin in this Wikia, can't come to this wikia quite often due to other Wikia project and tight schedules in RL.

Although most of technical problem has been covered quite a time ago, I still think that we need an active admin that can come here on a daily basis, to deal with the community. Since I'm not able to do so, I'd like to open recruitment for the Second Admin in this wikia (actually its third, but since our Founder-sama has gone inactive, I usually don't count him anymore).

The second admin's job mostly will on handling the content of all pages: its consistency, credibility and such. They will also responsible on managing the community (forum and chat), as well as responding to the community requests and guiding new editors on how to contribute to this wikia. All the technical problems and highest (and final) decision, however, still on my hand as the first admin and as a bureaucrat.

So, for those who seeks power, come forth and show me that you're worthy! Simply explain what will you do with the new admin power, that will help the wikia grow.
This thread will be closed in a week.

Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 06:11, March 30, 2013 (UTC)
Head Administrator and Bureaucrat of Sakurasou Wikia

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• 3/30/2013

I would like to tender my application as auxilliary administrator. I believe that with my ranking in the leaderboards and my contributions would suffice as of now.

Given the question that you asked, I would first set my priorities in completing the wiki's pages. I have done this via completing the episode summaries. Then, I'd expand the pages and ensure their credibility (although this may take the longest time, as I'm still reading the light novels.). I still have no contingency plans for recruitment, but I'll try to address this issue should it be a concern.

In conclusion, I plan on setting this Wiki as a reputable, credible and reliable Wikia.

よろしくお願い朱増す! (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!)

~x!(x factorial)

• 4/3/2013

New Admin Elected: Xfactorial.

Congratulations for your new power, and keep your good work up!