Ayano Iida
Ayano Iida
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 飯田 綾乃
Name (Romaji) Iida Ayano
Age 35
Gender Female
Blood Type {{{Blood Type}}}
Height 164cm
Family unnamed husband (husband)
  • Professional Manga Editor
  • Artist (former)
Voiced By Asano Masumi
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2

Ayano Iida (飯田 綾乃 Iida Ayano?) is a professional manga editor assigned for Mashiro Shiina and tend to give her advices from time to time about the manga and the storyline. Ayano is Mashiro's editor for her manga and also a friend of Rita.


Ayano is an optimistic girl, she was born in England, so she can speak both English and Japanese. When she was 6 years old, she started school and started to paint pictures. When Ayano was 9 years old, she quit her 3rd year of junior high school and her family decided to move in Japan. When they're in Japan to their new house, Ayano looks pale, she faints and she was confined in a hospital because she catches a cold and high fever. When she was 10 years old, she was released in hospital, she starts her 3rd year of junior high, but she stops paint pictures. At the age of 15, she decides to go her senior high school in Suimei University of the Arts and she lives in Sakura Dormitory. When she was 17, she released her true colors, a student sees Ayano smoking a cigarette in her room and she was kicked out in Sakurasou. At that time, she goes to a regular dormitory. When Ayano turns 20, she graduates from Suimei. At the age of 21, she starts her college in an unnamed college school. She gets a Manga-Editing course. At the age of 26, she graduates and she starts working as a professional manga editor and she marries. When she was 30, her parents permamently move to London. 5 years later, since the series started, she tends to eat a lot, as evidenced by her numerous orders whenever she and Sorata go out to discuss about Mashiro. Her main vehicle is a yellow Mazda RX-7 3rd generation (FD3S)